Hot Shapers Belt for male and female

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Hot belt uses the same technology as that of hot shapers panties. Smart fabric that is named as Neotex is used in this belt. A two layer formula makes this simple belt very special and unique. In today’s world people want to get results quickly. This belt is perfect for these people. It makes you slim in mints apparently and makes you sweat more while doing exercise. How hot belt work? The secret of hot belt is in the design. The Neotex two layer formula helps you to sweat more and at the same time it keeps you dry from outside. Its internal fabric increases the body temperature by staying in contact with the body skin and due to higher compression it make you sweat more and its outer layer absorbs and restrict external temperature to interact with body’s internal temperature and keep you dry from outside so that you can wear it under your favorite cloths. Available sizes in Pakistan: Medium: For 29 to 32 inch waist; Large: For 33 to 36 inch waist; Extra Large: 37 to 40 inch waists; Double Extra large: For 41 to 42 inch waist; Triple Extra Large: For 43 to 46 inch waist.

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