The Magic Tap – Automatic Drink Dispenser for Water & Soft drinks

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With the Magic Tap, children can fill their own particular oat bowl or get their own particular juice. With the Magic Tap Beverage Dispenser, they’re in control, enabling them to rapidly and effortlessly help themselves. Magic Tap’s intense engine draws the drink up the super straw and out the gush without spilling a drop. It takes a shot at most non-carbonated refreshments, making it ideal for drain, squeeze, water, and games drinks. The Magic Tap is battery-fueled so you can utilize it anyplace, whenever. (Requires two AA batteries, excluded.) Your children, and their companions, can get their own particular beverages – ideal for birthday parties, wearing occasions, and lemonade stands. It’s so much fun and simple to utilize, everybody will need to help themselves. Basically tap your glass to the trigger and watch it fill like magic. You and your companions will love utilizing the Magic Tap. Pouring Made Easy with the Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser. Expansive containers and containers can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with. Pouring them can be awkward, chaotic and even excruciating. With The Magic Tap, you never need to lift or pour again. The Magic Tap is a progressive spill-proof programmed drink gadget that fits effectively on a wide assortment of refreshment holders. Simple for children to use without making a wreck. Mothers can even utilize the Magic Tap one-gave. What’s more, it’s awesome for more established relatives who may have joint inflammation or shortcoming in arms or hands. Simple to clean and earth neighborly – you can utilize it again and again, even on refillable jugs and containers with Magic tap No more drips or spills Kids can help themselves Eliminates heavy lifting, pouring, and frustration Universal cap fits most containers Keeps you kitchen cleaner Battery operated (Not Included) Innovative design solves the problem of spillage Designed for all ages Easy to clean & great for travel Ideal for hot or cold beverages Universal cap fits most containers of 2 liter’s & up

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